Wentworth Park Sporting Complex is a significant piece of green space set aside for public recreation by the Crown in 1883. The Complex is a multi-purpose facility in the heart of Sydney, minutes from the CBD, Chinatown and Darling Harbour, and the inner-city restaurant/cafe enclaves of Glebe and Newtown.

The Trust is charged with the care, control and management of the reserve in the best interests of users. The users may include lessees, licensees, sporting groups and the community. The Trust ensures the Complex operates as a viable entity. The management of the Complex must also be consistent with Government policy and initiatives.

The fundamental principles which determine Trust policy are:

  • Maximisation of use
  • Diversification of use
  • Sports focus
  • Community benefit

The Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust has its legislative base within sections 92 and 93 of the Crown Lands Act 1989, which authorises the Minister to establish and name a Reserve Trust, appoint it as trustee of specified reserves, and constitute the Trust as a corporation.