Hiring Charges – 2020

Charges do not include GST or on-costs such as cleaning, security, catering, labour, etc…..

Public Liability Insurance and a function contract are required for most hires


Major Events

Whole Complex – $6,180 per day

Sporting & Soccer

Oval with dressing rooms – $2,111 per day

Training or Minor Sports Events

Oval only – $620 per session up to 3hrs or $1,030 per day

Meetings, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Exams

Grandstand seating – $2,472 per half day

Bistro – $721 Weekdays, $989Weekday evenings, $1,215 Sundays

Ground Floor – $3,590 to $6,180 per day

First Floor – $2,961 to $3,090 per day

Ground & First Floor (exams only) – $4,437 per day


Use of complex – $1,854 per day

Still photo shoots – $825 per day

Community Events

Special rates apply.  Organisers should contact the Land Manager directly